Michael Green was born in 1945. At the age of 14 he already was a jazz records collector, and at 16, he became a frequent visitor at Molodyozhnoye, Moscow's legendary first jazz cafe, where he get acquainted and made friends with well-known Soviet jazzmen, like Valery Bulanov, Andrey Yegorov, Nikolay Gromin, Alexey Kozlov, and many others.

After graduation from Inyaz (Institute of Foreign Languages,) Michael became a Spanish interpreter and worked several years in Cuba, where he witnessed the early stages of the careers of the future Cuban and world jazz greats Paquito D'Rivera, Arturo Sandoval, Chucho Valdez etc., which led to his obsession with Latin-American music. After that, he worked for about two decades for APN (Novosti Press Agency, now RIAN) on the different levels of editorial work, including the position of editor-in-chief at Sputnik magazine Spanish edition.
In the early 90s, Michael Green decided to convert his two main hobbies into profession: he started to produce jazz concerts and, at the same time, under the name of Don Miguel he began his air stint on Moscow 101 radio station with his original radio shows about Spanish and Latin American music. Those programs then moved consistently to  Radio Nadezhda, Radio Panorama and Radio Classica.

Piano Player Alexey Bekker, Michael Green, singer Anna Buturlina and the U.S. Ambassador in Moscow Alexander Vershbow during Anna's concert at Spaso House, Ambassador's residence in Moscow:

In 1997, Michael Green joined forces with well-known Muscovite bass player Alex Rostotsky to open his first jazz club, Birdland, then renamed Avantage. A core of jazz musicians who, since then, participate in Green's projects, formed there: accordion player Vladimir Danilin, singer Anna Buturlina, guitarist Alexey Kuznetsov, sax player Anna Koroleva, pianist Yakov Okun and others.

Michael Green, Alex RostotskyIn August, 1998, Green and Rostotsky organized the first Moscow open-air jazz festival, Jazz at the Hermitage Garden. It was a success, despite of economy default in Russia that happened exactly at that time. Since 1999, the Moscow Jazz Engagement, led by the famous composer Yuri Saulsky, joined the festival production team, and the festival became an international event. Yevgeni Balashov was appointed its executive director.

During the last eight years, practically all leading Russian jazzmen, as well as many gifted young musicians, participated in the festival, as well as the likes of Gary Bartz, Dennis Rowland, Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, Peter King, Ron Blake, Deborah Brown, Lew Tabackin, Eddie Henderson, and other world class jazz stars. The festival has been awarded the Jazz'Ear Prize by the Moscow Jazz Journalists Association twice, in 1998 and 2000.

Michael Green also organized a concert series "Hermitage Stars at the Central House of Artists" and co-organized the First Russian-Spanish Jazz Festival in 2004.

Russian and Spanish musicians jam at the Russian-Spanish Jazz Festival

During all those years, Green did not stop his jazz club programming activities. He was responsible for bringing live jazz to Vremena Goda, Maska, MHAT and other Moscow venues, and for more than three years now he is the art director at Restavratsia, Moscow elite club, where accordion player Vladimir Danilin, singer Anna Buturlina, guitarist Alexey Kuznetsov, sax player Anna Koroleva, pianist Yakov Okun and others perform steadily.

Besides, Michael Green produces jazz CDs. In 2002, he released Anna Buturlina's "Black Coffee" which had a good press and good sales, and then the CD-compilations of the 5th and 6th  Jazz at the Hermitage Garden festivals.

Michael Green is the art director and board member at the Yuri Saulsky Moscow Jazz Engagement. He is also a member at Moscow and international Jazz Journalist Associations. He wrote for Ogonyok, Nedelya, Kommersant and other Russian weeklies and dailies. Recently he published a series of articles on jazz and Latin music in the Hecho a mano magazine (Moscow.)

Michael also serves as one of the nominators for the Open World Leadership Program that sends young Russian jazz musicians for two-week staging in the U.S.A.

People's Artist of Russia Anatoly Kroll, Michael Green, People's Artist of Russia Igor Bril, veteran jazz critic Arkady Petrov:

Michael Green and the late patriarch of Soviet jazz, Yuri Saulsky, in the Avantage club
Guitarist Alexey Kuznetsov, Michael Green, and accordion player Vladimir Danilin during the Jazz at the Hermitage Garden festival in Moscow
sax player Ron Blane (U.S.A.) and Michael Green
Michael Green and Mexican vibraphone player Sergio Chernyshev