Currently: Monthly concert series "Mikhail Green Jazz Parlor" at Moscow's best UNION OF COMPOSERS jazz club
Avantage Club, 2000: Thomas Frank and Michael Green

Michael Green has opened his first jazz club together with Alex Rostotsky on the 7th of November, 1997, on a quiet Moscow street called Shchipok, not far from the Paveletsky train terminal. The club lasted quite a long time, by Moscow standards: four years and a half. Diring the first two years its name was Birdland, then, after the change of ownership, it became Avantage. There was no musician, more or less significant, in Moscow, who would not play at that tiny but cozy club at least once. Birdland/Avantage's end-of-the-month jazz sessions were especially beloved by Moscow jazz community. It was there where several outstanding young musicians, like the sax diva Anna Koroleva or trumpet virtuoso Vitaly Golovniov, appeared with their own original programs for the first time.

Along with that club, and then after its closing, Michael Green was presenting jazz programs at some "non-jazz" venues, like MHAT, Maska, Vremena Goda; since February, 2002, he is the art director at Restavratsia, Moscow elite club, where he presents live jazz from his favorite musicians twice a week.

Igor Butman, Alex Rostotsky and Alexey Nikolayev at Birdland Club, 1998
Arzou Gusseinov, Yakov Okun and Eddie Henderson, at Restavratsia Club, 2004
Avantage Club, 1999: Mike Ellis, Alex Rostotsky, Boris Kurganov, Eduard Zizak
Jamming at the Avantage Club, 2000: Yakov Okun (piano,) Anton Revnyuk (bass,) Donny McCaslin (tenor sax,) the late Stas Grigoriev (tenor sax)
Jamming at Restavratsia Club, 2003: Lew Tabackin (tenor sax) and Vladimir Danilin (accordion)
Birdland All Stars, 1999: Stas Grigoriev, Vladimir Danilin, Alexander Zakarian, Alexey Kuznetsov, Oleg Kireyev, Vitaly Golovniov, Eugene Sokolovsky